Display Case (East wall)

Glass case (East Wall)

Boot and shoe molds (lasts)

Found in attic of Clara Shepardson. Her great grandfather, David Martin Shepardson (1832-1907) and possibly her grandfather, George Shepardson (1871-1960) made boots/shoes along with market gardening. These were most likely sold to boot factory/shop in downtown Warwick. At one time 40 men were making 20,000 pair of shoes a year (many sold to slave plantations of the south).

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Clara Shepardson
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Draw Shave

Draw shave used for shaping wood. Labeled: J.E. Minott & Co. Warwick, MA., Hedge, tool, and iron forger, formerly Asa Wheeler hedge tool business located in the north part of Warwick., which Minott purchased in 1849 from Wheeler.
See this link for more information about J. E. Minott & Co.

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Jan Lapore

Framed copy of poem, Memories

Framed copy of poem, Memories written by Rose Edith Witherell
Poem written in the 55th year of her life
Born: Orange, MA 5/2/1878
Died: 5/15/69 Age 91
Married to William Walter Manning: 5/4/1898
Buried in the Warwick Cemetary
Framed poem on East Wall above display case, Room 1a

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China Dessert Plate

Label on plate reads: This plate presented to Alice (Wilber ) Petersen by Mrs. Brennan, a minister's wife (Warwick). Mrs Brennan, riding with Miss Mary Tyler, was killed in an accident of a runaway horse, was thrown from the carriage.

See page 174 of Charles Morse's History of Warwick.

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Alice Peterson
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