Room 2A

Room 2A

"What Warwick Means to Me", 1946 Old Home Day Address

Handwritten address by Charles Morse for the 1946 Old Home Day. He summarizes his move to town and increasing involvement in all aspects of community life.
"We all want Warwick to be a prosperous progressive town. If we would have it so we must all work together to make it so. We must forget our petty feuds and jealousies, be less critical of what others do and more critical of what we ourselves do....."

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Quiz for 1941 Old Home Day

"What do you know about Warwick" is the theme of a quiz program used at Old Home Day in 1941. It consists of 34 questions (with answers) about Warwick, these were asked of 2 teams of 4 men and 4 ladies each. Prof. Charles Morse explains "Let me say to you my friends I know this town from end to end. For three long years it's been my biz to seek out questions for this quiz." A sample question reads, "Where was the Franklin Glass Co. located?" and the answer "between Pulcifer and Dresser homes"

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Piece of wedding dress of Mrs. George Washington

Fabric swatch two and a half inches by four inches. White brocade with silver thread embroidery. Label in box says: "piece of the wedding dress of Madam Washington - Presented by Mrs. Lindsley, of Nashville, Tennessee. Label on back of box says: "Piece of Mrs. Geo. Washington's wedding dress By Mrs Lindsley".
Probably part of the William Howard, Sr. collection.

About the dress:

"Martha was married in a yellow brocade dress that was trimmed with lace at the neck and sleeves. Some historians describe her wedding dress as a gold damask dress.

Underneath her gown she wore a white silk petticoat with silver threads. Her shoes were purple satin and trimmed in silver metallic lace and sequins. She wore pearls in her hair.

George wore "a blue suit with a white satin waistcoast and blue buckles on his shoes.""
Source: Ruth Ashby, George & Martha Washington, page 17.

It seems likely that our swatch came from the petticoat.

As to this being a genuine piece of her dress, this discussion from the Washington Post on February 2, 2009:

Brigid Schulte: The curators at Mt. Vernon said that many of Martha's descendants decided to cut up her clothes so that each could have a piece of her, so to speak. Along with the shoes is an oddly shaped piece of cloth, believed to be part of her gold damask wedding dress.

1944 Old Home Day Play and History- 50th Celebration

Charles Morse's handwritten presentation outlines the history of Old Home Day from 1895 (dedication of the Warwick Town Hall) to the present (1944). A 13 page typed play, titled "Memories of Warwick" written and produced by C.A. Morse is included. The play features a father dressed for work in the hayfield and his 12 yr old son with a fishing pole and can of bait. The boy "meets" (as he naps) many of the famous Warwick men of the past that he has heard about from his father and hears their recollections of the town in the old days.

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1945 Old Home Day Memorabilia

Included with the invitation to the "Fifty-first Annual Reunion" (8-18-1945) is A Dedication to Warwick's Participation in the Wars. This introduction and program by Ralph Holbrook and Charles Morse outlines how Warwick men responded to the call for duty, many giving their lives. A play was presented, set in Warwick in 1812 with Nellie Francis, Grace Morse and Marion Copeland in the cast. Patriotic music and tableaux were included. Of particular note are 5 letters from Warwick men serving overseas. Letters from Charles L. Brown Jr., Arthur Bowers, Joseph Stevens, Wallace F. Holbrook, one unidentified serving in the Pacific and all expressing their regret at not being present and their hope that next year they will be with their family and friends again enjoying the festivities of Old Home Day.

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Silk drapery

Silk drape printed with Asian motif, or possibly European interpretation of Asian motif. Interlined with cotton flannel. Lined with satin. Top of drape has five metal hooks sewn in.

Inset: closeup of design

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